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Software Engineers


TechieAid helps tech-enabled companies leverage talent so they can scale quickly to meet their growth ambitions. Our skilled technology engineers partner with clients, enabling them to achieve complex technical objectives and create business value. We design, develop and support innovative custom software, full stack web and mobile applications, guiding our clients on the journey to realize their vision.

Redefining the Way 
We Move

Founded TechieAid in 2018 to leverage what I had learned over the previous 20 years of working with development teams across the globe and offer similar outsourced software development services to select companies and partners. We work with businesses of different types and scale, having in our portfolio both global MNC companies and ambitious technology-driven startups. Our experience and continuous evolution keeps us moving to the next level and delivering beyond expectations.


Kiran Gopalakrishna - Founder & CEO 


At TechieAid, we work based on partnerships rather than projects. We constantly strive to place ourselves in the customer's shoes and look at an application from their point of view. In numerous cases, the customer provides a verbal description and expects us to understand their business needs, visualize the solution, and produce documented requirements. Our team has the skills to elicit the complete set of requirements, and to design, develop, test, and deliver a solution that meets the business needs. During this process, we endeavor to exceed the customer's expectations in terms of user experience (UX), functionality, usability, performance, stability, reliability, and other vital parameters of the solution.


Sudhir Gurjar - Co-Founder & Director

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